Thursday, March 20, 2008

A House of Our Own

The view from in front of our new house. In every town in Panama, many houses (like the one here) are under construction for years.

This horse belongs to our new landlords. He´s usually cool, but when our pal from Texas tried to ride him, he went a little loco. Short ride!

This is our landlord´s house, and it´s connected to ours by the garage area at left. The family is so nice--mom and dad Reina and Arturo and kids Glenny, Arturo and Bolivar (Boli). They made us part of the family.

Our little pink house with lots of shade! This hammock is one of five in our front yard.

Mateo standing just outside of our kitchen door, in front of an addition that´s ah, still in progress.

Lisa cooking in our indoor-outdoor kitchen. Notice her lime green fake Crocs! Also notice the old washing machines outside the door. We keep it country!

Our new pit latrine. Matt helped dig the hole, which he approved of since this is the dry part of town and their latrines don´t flood in the rainy season (like others around town). The kids had Matt write welcome in front of it. We´ve now removed the wood and are about to add the raised seat to sit on. Then we have to build a house for it. We´ll probably use scrap zinc to make the house.

Our sink area. There´s a shower head back there as well, but we live on a slight hill and therefore there´s not enough water pressure for the shower. They also run the water at the crack of dawn for a few hours and then for a few hours at night. But the bucket-baths ain´t bad since it´s like 90 degrees out!

Our closet area, aka the other half of our bedroom. Plenty of space for all of our stuff. And it´s not too damp!

Here´s our new bed, as seen from the storage part of the room. In this area, the net is a must. We´re sleeping good.

Our dining area. This was taken just before a lunch of tuna sandwiches and tomatoes. Note the presidents on the wall. Just like 505!

Here´s Lisa at the table. Our new gas stove is at right. It´s way better than our old electric stove back home, actually. You buy new tanks of propane right in town for like $5.

Our living room, where we have a world map and a map of Panama. Matt loves to give geography lessons! It´s quite comfy here. And we´re lucky the house came with a couch and a table and curtains.