Friday, August 8, 2008

Trip Home Part II

We went to the NH Seacoast one day for a ride with Don and nieces Haley and Devin, stopping in Rye for lunch and Newcastle (above) for a look at the bay.

Here's ZZ! She's really big at nearly 10 pounds! And she's still crazy, but she remembered us and slept with us each night in NH.

Haley, Lise, and Devin posed for a photo by the sea in Rye, where we had an awesome lunch of fried clams.

Ace, Emily, and Lisa are seen here in Portland. We got together for beers, lobsters and steamers! Wicked good!

Don, Lise, ZZ, and Joan gathered for a photo before we left to head back to NY for our flight to the Twin Cities for Tim and Jen's wedding (see upcoming blogs!).

Lise, Jim, Jo, Cait, and Scott are seen here at Cale and Christie's wedding in VT. A sunny, lovely day! They got married at the base of a ski slope, and it was really beautiful.

Here's the gang at camp, including Coa, Jack, Monica, and Justin. Notice the patriotic bunting on the house--very cool!

We're back in Panama now after an amazing few weeks back in the States. Thanks to our family and friends for everything! We had great food and, most importantly, wonderful visits. Sorry we didn't get photos with everyone. As we said above, though, photos and captions from Minnesota will be on future blogs. Meanwhile, we hope you're all well. Thanks for reading, and thanks again for all the hospitality!
Everything's cool in Panama, except the weather. We returned to days in the high 90s, making it feel like it felt in May. We got our house in order and mostly laid low last week. Next week we'll resume teaching, starting off with big slideshows of our grand tour. We're also preparing for our big HIV/AIDS/health fair in a few weeks. Our buddy Andres, the chief planner of the event, won a grant for $1,000 to fund food, shirts, transport, etc. We hope to get a group of young people from our town to attend.
One more thing: Diane, that letter you wrote was awesome!