Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ace's Fishing Trip

Jim Driscoll caught this keeper during our fishing trip with Ace a few weeks ago 35 miles off the coast of Portland, Maine. We had a blast. It was Ace's bachelor party, and the six of us caught a bunch of fish and had a wonderful visit. Plug: Captain Rob Odlin, USCG Master and Registered Marine Guide, took us out on his big lobster boat Maine Lady III. He and his mate Kyle are great guys! Check out his website: http://www.fishinganddiving.com/.

Our little white dog, Zizou (ZZ)

This is our dog ZZ. We adopted her last fall before we knew for sure whether or not we'd be invited to serve in the Peace Corps. She's part bichon and part poodle, and she's Daddy's Little Angel. She's a lot of fun and we'll miss her so much, but she's going to live in New Hampshire with her grandparents. We know she'll be very happy there. And Grandma can't wait to take care of her new baby!

Matt's Last Day at the Newspaper

Matt's co-worker Diane makes announcements over the loudspeaker in the his office whenever it's someone's birthday or if there's a special occasion. The one she did today needs to be published here on the blog. To truly appreciate the art involved in this announcement one should know that Matt works in a converted barn that has an open space floor plan. It's one big newsroom with desks spread about--no walls, no cubicles. Here goes:

"This may be the hardest announcement I've ever made, which is why I will avoid sentimentality at all costs.
I may be old, but I have learned many things from Matt in his 7 plus years here as the man toiling to my right.
Here is a list of the top ten (she only read the 10 * ones), but all were blog worthy.
*1. Never eat or drink anything that has passed its expiration date because you will die instantly or suffer severe gastrointestinal consequences.
2. As soon as you get up in the morning, or at least before breakfast, start to think about what food you will eat that day, at what time and in what amount.
*3. Whenever you have a food item or anything to which you apply something else, say you are putting that something else "onto it."
4. Whenever you are about to eat a bagel or a roll--hollow it out by removing the extra bread so it won't be so doughy.
5. Cook everything so it is crispy.
*6. Whenever someone yells at you for banging incessantly on everything with your pencil or pen, say, "Excuse me, I am a percussionist."
*7. Whenever someone offers you food you don't want, say, "No thanks, I'm on the seeds."
*8. Whenever you are contemplating eating a large quantity of chicken wings, call it "wingage."
*9. Whenever you come across a standalone caption for which you cannot think of a headline, write Fuhgeddabaoudit, particularly if the picture is of a big turkey.
*10. Whenever you feel like saying something but don't have anything particular in mind, say "buck, buck" like a chicken.
11. Repeat the name Choinsky over and over again, just for fun.
*12. Whenever someone wants you to do something you don't want to do, say, "I am not a promisekeeper."
13. Take care of your teeth, especially if you're Irish.
*14. Let yourself love, especially little white fluffy dogs.
15. Listen to music.
16. Stay hydrated.
17. Keep it real.
*18. Whatever you do, avoid becoming the victim of an insane regime.
OK Matt, I know you may not have planned this down to the last morsel, but it's time to eat. And you may not be a little white dog, but we love you anyway."

Needless to say, Matt ate a lot of chicken wings today. And, they made him swing blindfolded a pinata--I really wish I could have seen that. All good wishes.

Lisa's Farewell Fiesta at SUNY Press

My co-workers generously had a farewell party for me last week (the ones who, ah, partied the longest are shown above--check out the bird on my shoulder--Marilyn's idea!!)

They decorated our conference room with Panamanian themed decorations which included red, white and blue tablecloths. There were tropical birds and both US and Panamanian flags streaming from the ceiling, and a palm tree with large toucans spouting out slang Spanish expressions (bloody birds).

And then there was the food...breakfast included blueberry coffee cake, bagels, fruit, a chocolate cookie from the Farmer's market, postre de tres leches, and chocolate chip zucchini bread. Lunch was a pizza party w/ salad and at least 1,000 desserts. Thanks everyone, I'll miss you all.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My car is officially for sale!

2002 Nissan Sentra GXE, $3,000

Silver, 4-door, automatic, 111,000 highway miles, 4-cyl., 1.8-liter, power windows and locks, tilt wheel, cruise control, am/fm stereo, CD player, dual front airbags, 1-year-old brakes and tires. Drives beautifully. Great gas mileage. Well maintained.

I'll post a picture of it tonight.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Matt's Packing List

day backpack (carry on)
large backpack (Campmor)
large rolling dufflebag (red--was Lisa's)
laptop case (still need)

shaving cream
2 deodorants (Tom's)
hand sanitizer
nasal irrigation tube

Loratadine (120 pills)
Nasonex (3 month supply)
epi-pens (2)

running sneakers
EMS flip flops
brown dress shoes
old work boots

zipoff, quick dri pants (olive colored)
khaki pants (dressy, for swearing in)
2 pairs jeans (reg.)
1 pair carhartt work jeans
1 pair light weight work jeans

blue athletic
khaki (2 pairs)

10-15 pairs of socks
10-15 pairs of boxer shorts
1 pair sunglasses
padlocks & luggage locks
dummy wallet (?)
lightweight sleeping bag
generic thermarest (Campmor brand)
flat sheet (?)
cpr mask
travel umbrella (?)
filet knife
hand weights that can be filled w/ water (still need...for Lisa)
camping towel
1 real towel
1 brown belt
portable surge protector (?)

Blue line button up short sleeve (JC)
White long sleeve button up (G)
golf shirts (how many?)
t-shirts (work--how many?)
long sleeve cotton shirts (how many?)
1 tie
short sleeve button up (T)

raincoat (green)
fleece (blue)
sweatshirt (blue)

Lisa's packing list (for now...haven't weighed it yet!)

(Matt will carry at least 1/4 of my belongings...and some of this stuff is "ours")

day backpack (carry on)
large backpack
large rolling dufflebag
purse ?

1 box pantyliners
1 bottle shampoo
1 bottle conditioner
nail kit
hand mirror
2 deodorants (Tom's)
Dove soap (bottle)
1 bottle gylcolic lotion (Upper Hudson Valley Dermatology)
1 bottle face wash (Upper Hudson Valley Dermatology)
1 bottle body lotion
1 bottle sunscreen face lotion
1 bottle nail polish (clear)
undereye concealer
nail polish remover
eye makeup remover
1 box tampons
hand sanitizer
dental floss
nasal irrigation tube

Loratadine (120 pills)
Vitamin C
Astelin (nasal spray--6 month supply)
BC Pill (9 month supply w/ Rx)
Tiger balm
Maxair (rescue inhaler--3 month supply)
Flovent (steroidal asthma med.--6 month supply)
spacer for Flovent
Yeast infection med (1 box)
Sudafed/Guaifenesin Rx stregthen
Antacid pills
Patanol (Rx--eye drops)
portable nebulizer or extra maxair (?)

Chaco sport sandals
Chaco black dressy sandals
Dansko dark brown dressy sandals
running sneakers
Muck boots (rubber boots) (?)
water shoes
cheapo flip flops

zipoff, quick dri pants (khaki colored)
khaki pants (business casual)
1 pair of jeans
black yoga pants (long, cotton)
black pants (business casual)
dark brown linen pants (business casual)

Capri Pants
khaki (?)

black cotton dress (just over knee)
lime green dress w/ sparkles for swearing in (halter, to knee) (?)
orange/pink strip sport dress w/ built in bra (just above the knee)
dark tan long Eddie Bauer cotton dress w/ matching jacket (?)
white w/ green & yellow flowers dress (Ann Taylor)
hot pink dress
orange dress w/ dark brown polka dots

blue cotton skirt (to knee) w/ matching jacket (?)
3/4 length dark brown cotton skirt
pink 3/4 length

pink running
grey running (?)
2 boxer sets (w/ tank tops--pajamas)
linen long shorts

10 pairs of socks (5 Smartwool, 3 quickdry athletic, 2 reg.)
15 pairs underwear
6 bras (2 nude, 1 black, 1 sport, 1 strapless, 1 white)
swimsuits (1 bikini, 1 one piece)
3 pairs of glasses (1 Rx sun, 2 Rx regular)
3 hairscarves
10 hairties
sewing kit
lightweight sleeping bag
generic thermarest (Campmor brand)
flat sheet (?)
cpr mask
hat (?) blue one?
travel umbrella (?)
sports tape
quart size ziplock bags
larger ziplock bags
camping towel
1 real towel
1 black belt
1 brown belt
Eagle Creek around the neck card/passport security holder

3/4 length cotton purple (EB)
3/4 lengh tan linen (ATL)
black w/ small tan flowers linen (ATL)
white sleeveless (Gap)
dark green sleeveless t-shirt (VS)
2 quick dry t-shirts (OK-5k)
dark purple button up shirt (Columbia)
pink/tan striped perfomance button up shirt (C)
light purple linen button up shirt (EB)
light brown v-neck t-shirt (ATL)
dark brown dressier tank top (ATL)
tank tops/green/pink/grey/off-white
3/4 length super lightweight green print shirt (C)
Other t-shirts (?)

water resistant dark purple raincoat
light-weight purple dress sweater (linen)
zip up cotton sweater (which one?)

Electronic equipment
digital camera in case
flash drive (1 G)
mp3 player
DVDs (?)
laptop lock

Paper Products
2 journals
3 paperback books (carry on)
address book
art kit
stamps (Forever stamps)
writing paper/envelopes/pads
gifts for host family(ies)

cheap bracelets and necklaces
watch (cheapo)

decaf tea (2 boxes--1 black, 1 herbal)
dried apricots
beef jerky